Maurice “Reese” Knox

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As the child of a semi-pro and collegiate athlete, Reese’s introduction to strength and conditioning training was – early. (Really, really early.) He learned powerlifting and bodybuilding at home and it didn’t take long for him to develop his own love for fitness. Reese joined Crossfit Renaissance in 2009 and soon after accepted Bill’s challenge to become lighter, faster, and stronger. The transition into coaching for Reese was, “almost automatic.”

“Learning from Bill and watching our members grow and learn has been an indescribable journey. Not only have we all made huge gains together – but I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to train and train with.”


Reese’s Certifications

  • – Crossfit Level 1 Certificate

Reese’s Favorite Lifts

  • – Back Squat
  • – Jerk
  • – WOD: Renaissance

Reese’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • – 10 Years of amateur Powerlifting experience
  • – 370# bench press
  • – 500# Back squat
  • – 245k (540#) Deadlift
  • – 140k (308#) Jerk
  • – 130k (286#) Clean & Jerk


Q&A with Reese Knox


What are you known for?

I’m a Blue Collar worker with a knack for problem solving and fixing things with my hands.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

I pride myself on encouraging members with no lifting experience to give the heavy lifting a shot.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

Some of our strongest members don’t even know it. To me working with athletically gifted people is fun, but helping an average Joe reach an athletic/ fitness goal is what CrossFit is all about and what I as a trainer have embraced the most. In addition inspiring other blue collar guys who work long hard physical hours to find time and motivation to be fit.

What is your favorite recovery food?

I’ll pretty much eat anything. Haven’t been strict Paleo for a while, but no sugar, low carb.

What lift and WOD do you absolutely hate or want to avoid?


What are you passionate about personally?

I’ve recently become passionate about making your weaknesses strength. Being good at something is cool but BECOMING good at something through hard work is incomparable.

Give us a little known fact about you.

Little known fact is the craziness going on through my head during a WOD/ workout. This really is therapy for me.

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