Jeffer Ruiz

Jeffer Ruiz


1. What brought you to CrossFit Renaissance?

“I honestly had been researching CrossFit for about a year and this location just happened to be the closest one to me. I read up on a lot of the reviews and it seemed to be a place that I would fit into well.”


2. What was your first impression?

“I was terrified, but I couldn’t wait to take the leap into this fitness challenge called CrossFit.”


3. Has that changed?

“I am now anxious to come to every class, regardless of the programming for that day, and give it everything I have.”


4. What are you currently working on?

“The first thing I told Bill when I signed up was that I needed to get into supersonic fit shape for my upcoming wedding in May of 2016. So I’m trying my hardest to get into that ‘ssfs’ as I once mentioned, 5 months ago.”


5. What is the toughest part of CrossFit for you?

“Absolutely everything is tough. There is always a challenge to take on in every class I’ve come to, whether it’s add 10 more pounds to my Deadlift or knock out a few more pull-ups than the day before.”


6. What is your favorite memory at CrossFit Renaissance?

“My favorite memory would be the first strict muscle-up on those elusive rings that I was able to do last week. I’ve tried almost every day I came for almost 4 months. I would always give 2 or 3 attempts at a ring muscle-up and I would always come so close, but never quite got it. Last week I decided to try a strict muscle-up and just like that, on the second day of trying a strict muscle-up, I got it on the 3rd try and there couldn’t have been a better feeling than finally accomplishing this movement for the first time.”


7. How long have you been doing CrossFit?

“About 5 months or so.”


8. What kind of results have you seen? Both physical and mental.

“I’ve dropped about 12 pounds in weight and am now seeing the scale creep back up slowly. I know I’m getting stronger with every workout. I’m able to lift more or jump higher than the previous attempts at any of these moves. That right there gives me all the confidence I need to push harder every class I come to.”


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