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A Letter From Coach Jess to You

I joined CrossFit Renaissance, as a staff member,  going on two years ago, and have unique visibility to the internal workings at CFR.  I have worked in many industries – from service industry startups to not-for-profits, to billion dollar corporations.  The reason this remains one of the best decision I have made, is that I found a business that is run with heart.

There is a commitment to helping you change your life that might not be evident at a glance when you walk through the door.

  • Discussions about how to help our clients reach personal goals.
  • Check ins to anyone who has not been seen at the gym.
  • Weekly update on your “dings and dents” so we know how to train you safely.
  • Time spent learning how to coach you to the best of our abilities (so you continue to hit those PR’s).
  • Discussions about what new equipment investments will get our diverse client base closer to their goals.
  • New strategies for providing the value and strong community that you deserve.
  • Hours and hours of content developed to educate, and motivate!

The gym was built around a “Help First” methodology which extends to both client and coaches.  There is a fairness at work here that is unmatched. It has been a challenging lesson to learn – but what I can say is that it takes discipline as an operator and is what you want as a client.

I want to share with you the commitment to the Service, Expertise, Value and Personalization from my vantage point.


On the floor, we push you to evaluate every detail of your moves.  And we hold ourselves to the same standard behind the scenes. From your first No Sweat Intro, through billing, communication and class operations, we are focused on making your experience a great one.


You have an incredibly diverse staff at CFR!  We have all gone through a preliminary training course with Bill, and the CrossFit Level 1 course.  We all have unique styles and backgrounds, but your performance is what we use as our gauge for success.  Based on your 2018 performance, this team is helping you make some major gains! We will continue to hone our craft through continuing education and look for ways to continue to improve the quality of the coaching that you deserve.


This is not a flashy, sparkly gym.  It’s not who we are. We’re a gritty, real, family owned and operated gym where you are treated like a family member. Evaluating and providing value is a focus. Whether through workshops, our annual open events, community engagement, or content, we want to exceed your expectations, not just meet them.


You are an individual at CFR.  We know you, probably your family, your strengths and your weaknesses.  We know what you are working on, and provide the opportunity for individualized goal setting quarterly.  Reminder: A strategy will get you to a goal. And a Goal Setting Session is a part of your membership! Take advantage of it!

As CrossFit Renaissance moves into its 10th year, our vision remains the same:

We are a fun, family based atmosphere.  We value community over competition. Our members love to hang out together, even outside the gym. People leave here happy, with a smile on their face, saying that their hour here was the best part of their day.

We care about you. Not how much you can bench press or if you can run a mile, but that you are reaching your goals and having FUN while doing it! If we haven’t seen you in a while, you can be sure we will be calling to check in on you.

I am filled with excitement about the year ahead.  We continue to look for opportunities to improve your experience at CrossFit Renaissance, and to help you change your life.

And I am proud to be a part of it.

Thank you for choosing us!


Coach at CrossFit Renaissance

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