Are you looking to make a transformation? Here’s one challenge that many clients face.

Do you want to make a transformation?  Do you want to lose weight, get fit, have an active lifestyle?   Or do you want to feel capable, and confident?  Many of our clients come to our gym to make these types of changes.

Our role is pretty clear.  We are the experts at providing fitness and nutrition programs that when done consistently over time, will lead to BIG RESULTS.  We have done it for over 11 years.   Our dedicated clients have seen the effectiveness of our methodology.  Many have made amazing transformations!
And the client role looks clear as well.  Attend group class or work with a personal trainer.  Meet with the nutrition coach to find out how to make healthy food understandable and easy to implement.
But there is an underlying step that can be really challenging for some clients.   Sometimes it is actually the most challenging part of the process.
They have to MAKE the time to make THEMSELVES the priority.
But our lives feel full, right?  We enjoy doing things with and for others.  8 hours of work now spills into 9 or 10 hours.  And we feel like we have just enough time to get our work done, spend time with our kids, keep up with the house, and have a little time for social life.
At the beginning of the transformation journey, it doesn’t feel great to take time from other areas of our lives.  It feels a little (or a lot) selfish.  And that is the unexpected challenge.  Can you  “make the time” to make the transformation happen?
 There’s no magic in transforming your body or your health.  You will carve out the time to put the work in – workouts at the gym, time spent preparing healthy food, and some extra walks or runs in there too.   The time has to come from somewhere.   But the  shift in priorities is totally possible!
I know it is possible, because that is how I made my transformation happen.
Four years ago, I was a busy mom with 4 year old twins.  I had stopped working out when they were born because I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in with work full time and spending as much time with them as possible.  The problem was that  I suffered in the process.   When I hit rock bottom, I was overworked, exhausted, and had no outlet for stress relief.  I decided to take back some time for me.   I looked at my hours at work and saw an opportunity.  I had fallen into the habit of letting my workday fill 10 hours.  I thought I needed it, but I realized I could use my time more effectively, set some parameters for myself (work done, computer off in time to make the 6pm class) and take back an hour of the day to work out.  It meant I was still home later in the evening, but you know what?  We were all better for it.  I was more productive at work, and I was happier at home.   I made it work.
And you can too. 
We will provide you with the program, guidance and space to make your transformation.  YOU will dedicate the time.
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We look forward to being a part of your journey.
Best in Health,
Coach Jessica
Coach at CrossFit Renaissance

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