Balance Training

As we get older and for older people, we want to take a look at all different areas of fitness, one of them being balance. Balance is a crucial component. Falling is a major risk as we age, especially for the senior population that is not consistently doing resistance training, because your bones can be more brittle. Now, the best way to increase bone density IS to do resistance training, for sure, particularly skeletal loading. Bones do respond similarly to muscles, to resistance training, by becoming stronger.

In addition to strength training, which is and should be a prerequisite to any fitness program, we want to look at specifically training balance as well. You can start simply and increase the difficulty and/or intensity as you progress. Standing of one foot is a perfect place to start! Also, looking at increasing your core stability through standard strength training, but also direct core work is a good idea.

In these videos, you’ll see Ken balancing on one foot for 30 seconds and also hitting some direct abdominal training.



Keep in mind a quote- “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we rise to the level of our training” Archilochus


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