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Betsy Berkery: Member Story

Meet Betsy Berkery.  Betsy has been a member at CrossFit Renaissance for almost 4 years!  Betsy joined the gym alongside all of her siblings and nephew.   Betsy is very committed to living a healthier lifestyle and is not shy about trying to encourage others to do the same.  She understands the importance of eating healthier options and working out consistently.  Here is Betsy’s story:

I joined CrossFit Renaissance because I needed to do something different in life, it was time to get my health in order.  I had joined other gyms, but I did not last.  I felt there was no support, no one to teach or even show you how you can use the different machines in the gym.

Because of Crossfit Renaissance, I have been able to accomplish many things, that I thought my mind and body would ever do!!  I have completed in six 5k races, as a woman who hasn’t played sports in 20 to 25 years, and the positions that I played were all stationary.  The fact I was able to run 1 let alone 6 still blows my mind sometimes.

Right now I am working on running 1 mile straight thru and toes to bars!!

When I walked into my first on-ramp class, and Bill said “Don’t be scared, everything will come to you in good time.”  That has been my motto since I began.  I might not have all the moves down, but if you continue to work at that, then in good time you will achieve them!

What motivates me the most is the people!  CFR has become family!  I have traveled with a few of the ladies, and we look for different places to go!  What also motivates me is the support that you receive when you walk through the garage door!  From the first hello, to the great job fist bump, to the goodbyes when you leave!  You would not get this support from a regular gym!

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