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Bill’s get less fat and out of shape plan.

Hey guys!

Well, one month on my own without the family at home (#bachelormonth!!) and then another 2.5 weeks on vacation have put me at highest bodyfat in quite some time.

I generally have a decent handle on nutrition most of the time, but the last 2 months, not so much and I’m paying the piper.

Right now I’m also coming off my longest time off in the gym in recent memory as well (about 1 month), and man did I feel that today during the workout!

Now, I was going to get aggressive from the start and begin tracking macronutrients (which are protein,carbohydrates and fat), but have decided to start a little easier and do what I call the “fist portion” diet. It’s an old diet from body for life. It’s certainly not the best, but it’s a good place to start.

It goes: 4-5 meals a day, each meal consisting of:

1 fist sized portion of protein

1 fist sized portion carbs

1-4 fist sized portions of vegetables (for this I’ll used water based, not starchy veges)

This plan also allows for 1 complete day off, but I won’t go too crazy on the day off.

Ok, here we go. I’ll also be recording my meals on myfitnesspal, but the portion sizes will be estimates because I’m not weighing and measuring my foods just yet.

In addition to the nutrition, I’ll be training at least 4x per week, shooting for 5x.

The first pictures are always the hardest to take for most people, but you have to see where you’re starting:





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