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Travel WODS

Can’t Make it to the Gym? Workout from Home!

Often we have CrossFit Members that travel or due to scheduling conflicts, can’t make it in for class.

 It’s important for everyone that travels to have quick workouts to go to with minimal equipment to ensure you will actually get to work out while out of town or away from the gym.

Below is a wide variety of workouts…so now there is no excuse why you can’t work out!

Remember the easiest piece of equipment you can travel with is a jump rope!



2 min Jump Rope, or Jog
Then: 15-second Samson Stretch,15-second Waiter’s Bow,10 Arm Circles Forward & Backward,10 Leg Swings Each Leg;
Then:10 Squats 10 Sit-ups 10 Pushups x 3 Rounds


  • Sprint 100 meters. Rest 1 minute. Repeat 10 times.

  • 5 Rounds for Time:  100 Single Unders (Jump Rope)50 Squats

  • AMRAP in 20 minutes: -10 Burpees-15 Squats-20 Knees-to-chin (laying down)

  • 10 Rounds of: -10 Broad Jump Burpees-10 Jumping Lunges

  • 10 rounds of: 10 burpees- 10 situps

  • 5 Rounds: 15m Bear Crawl-20 Push-ups-15m Crab Walk-20 Jump Squats-15m Broad Jump Burpees-20 Mountain Climbers

  • 3 rounds for time: Run 1/2 mile-50 squats

  • 10 Rounds for time: 10 push-ups-10 sit ups-10 squats

  • 200 squats for time

  • “Susan”: 5 rounds for time: Run 200m- 10 squats- 10 push-ups

  • 3 rounds for time- Sprint 200m- 25-push ups

  • Tabata Squats and Push-ups:20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds each. Count your lowest score.

  • 20 rounds for time: 5 push-ups- 5 squats- 5 sit ups

  • Invisible Fran: 21-15-9 for time-Squats-Push-ups

  • 6 rounds for time: 10 push-ups- 10 squats- 10 sit ups

Cool Down:

5:00 of Static Stretching; OR 5:00 Walk/Jog at Recovery Pace; OR 5:00 Parasympathetic Breathing



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