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Bill Shifler, Owner and coach at CrossFit Renaissance

Coach Bill Featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine!

In case you missed it: Bill’s Renaissance Physique programming, was featured in a recent Muscle and Fitness magazine article this past January!

A full month of the online workout program is also posted on their website.

This is same programming that Bill used to become a pro natural bodybuilder in 2016!

Did you know that, even if you don’t train at CrossFit Renaissance, that you can train with Bill remotely through the Renaissance Physique AppThe app allows for 1-on-1 interaction with Bill and full access and guidance through programming that focuses on both aesthetics and performance. It’s a great way to combine the best of physique training and CrossFit, into 1 program!

And…if you are in the Philadelphia area, you can be brought through the program, 1-on-1, with one of our coaches at CrossFit Renaissance!!

Book a time to talk with Bill HEREor just reply to this email to set up a time to talk!

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