Coach’s Tip Tuesday with Megan

Today’s Tip is from Coach Meg!  Meg is a longtime member of CrossFit Renaissance and one of our evening coaches!
The Wall Ball is a staple movement in our CrossFit workouts; a total body movement.  Grab a medicine ball and stand arms’ length away (photo. 1).  Stand shoulder width stance with ball held in a front loaded position.  Squat below parallel while maintaining that lumbar curve. (photo 2).  Drive out of the bottom of the squat to full extension, then throw medicine ball to target (10′ men/9′ women, photo 3).  Catch the ball and smoothly descend into the next rep.

These reps should be fluid, allowing the whole body to work together!

Sample medicine ball workout:  Karen.

150 Wall Balls for Time!

Try to work your way up to the 14#, then the 20# ball over time!

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