Got Grit?

Do you write to do lists, or make resolutions to make changes?  Do you daydream or wish for things to change? I can daydream with the best of you – visualizing what the future could hold.  What I love, is knowing that I can map a course to get there.

But what I also know, whether I like it or not, is that sometimes you have to do some things that aren’t FUN!  QUICK!  or EASY!  along the way.   You have to have some GRIT.  You have to show the resolve to get there.

Resolve is on full display every night of the week at our gym.  Each night’s work out, in itself, is a small goal.  A new task to challenge ourselves.  I can count on two hands the number of times I have seen an athlete give up during a workout in the time that I have been at CrossFit Renaissance.  I think we actually grow to enjoy proving to ourselves that we have what it takes to finish.  That mind over matter mentality is empowering!

So the question isn’t “Is that goal possible?”.  The question is really, “Am I willing to do what it takes to get there?”

I was recently approached about running another Couch to CrossFit Class.  She missed the last one, but has been waiting for us to run it again. Flyers, emails, social media buzz around challenges can make it seem like you have to wait to start.  But guess what – we will build those packages for you every day of the week.  We can take you from couch to Crossfit today!

Don’t wait for the next Challenge or for January 1st.  If you have a health and fitness goal – start now, when you are motivated to make that change!  

Call us.  We are here, ready when you are.  All you need is as plan, and the resolve to do what it takes.


Jessica, coach at CrossFit Renaissance

Renaissance Youth, Nutrition
Level 1 Trainer

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