Beyond the Whiteboard

How To Optimize Beyond the Whiteboard

All of our CrossFit Renaissance members have access to Beyond the Whiteboard.  Most of us use it to view the WOD and log our lift loads, Metcon scores so we can measure our progress or lack thereof.  BTWB has so many more features to help us track our health and fitness journey.

If you click on “My Whiteboard”, you will see Lifestyle Log, Weigh Ins, and Movement Modalities.

Lifestyle Log analyzes how your choices affect your fitness.

Weigh Ins allows you to enter your weight and body fat, as well as lean body mass.  To check your body fat percentage, you can talk to one of the coaches about taking your Biometrics.  You can even keep photos in your profile!

Movement Modalities helps you to Explore movements by how popular they are and how often you do them. The movements are grouped by their modality. One of the key goals in CrossFit is keeping a balance in each modality.  Maybe you subconsciously pass on the Gymnastics movements.  BTWB will let you know!  Pictured below is an analysis of my workouts.  I need to work on Mono structural movements, ie., running, rowing, Assault Bike.


Take some time to check out BTWB.  The more data you enter, the more beneficial BTWB becomes for you.

If you do not currently use BTWB, send me an email so we can get you started at [email protected].  Stay tuned for more “how to optimize Beyond the Whiteboard”.

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