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I Made My Wish!

Today is my birthday!  I am now a 46 year old woman and I don’t feel a day over 25!!  I haven’t always felt this good!  This was a long process getting my health and fitness to where it is now (and sure, I have a ways to go).   The only regret that I can admit out loud is that I wish I didn’t wait so long to make some changes.  I wish I knew that there really was a “fountain of youth” a long long time ago and all I had to do was move some weight around, get sufficient rest, and be a little more mindful of what I was putting into my body!

Since it is my birthday, and as tradition goes, we get one wish before we blow out the candles, I am going to against superstition and tell you all what my wish is!  My wish is that each one of you jumps into the fountain with me!  Not next year, not next month, not when you get yourself into a “better place”, not after you finish the newest fad diet, not after you finish that house project….. NOW!   There really is no better time than right now.  And it’s my wish and you all have the power to grant me that!

Put the soda back and grab a bottle of water!  Fill your plate up with veggies and lean meats and skip the greasy pizza.  Dust off those running shoes and jog to the corner.  Pick up some weights and put them back down.  This lifestyle was really a game changer!

So, how about it?  Do I get my wish?



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Your Friend,

Coach Jennifer

Jen, coach at CrossFit Renaissance

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