If you let it, this place will change you.

It has been a little over 10 years since we officially opened our doors here at CrossFit Renaissance. It has been a fantastic journey so far. I could fill a book with my personal experiences over the past 10 years, but we’ll save that for now, and keep this short.


I will tell you this: If you let it, this place will change you. I’ve seen it happens hundreds of times. From people losing over 150 pounds, to whole families, 2-3 generations deep, training to improve their health and wellness together. To the many people who use this place as their respite, their happy place. It drives me to be better every day. To facilitate an environment where our staff want to be better every day. To make sure that we’re still here for you in another 9 years, doing our best, to make sure you can do your best, so that you can be the best version of yourself.


For anyone who has ever stepped foot in here, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your journey. For those of that are here now, and coming soon, all I have to say is, let’s GET AFTER IT!





Coach at CrossFit Renaissance8

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