Is your breakfast working for you?

How are you starting your day? Is your go-to a granola bar or a bagel as you run out of the house? (Carb focus)  Eggs or egg muffins? (Protein/fat focus)  Or do you opt for coffee to hold you over until lunch? ⁣

Next, how does that food make you feel?  Satisfied or starving by the time lunch comes around? Do you fight cravings all day? ⁣

Making a change to Breakfast (yes, it’s important to eat something) can set you up for the day ahead. But you have to pay attention!

Experiment with your breakfast ⁣
Day 1 bagel⁣
Day 2 eggs and a piece of bacon
Day 3 oatmeal and a hard boiled egg⁣

Write it down. How was the rest of the day? When were you hungry? What were you craving? ⁣

Then evaluate and adjust!

A breakfast with balanced macronutrients that is low in sugar should keep you satisfied for 2-3 hours.  You may also notice that you don’t crave as much sugar and processed foods if you kick the day off with whole foods!  – Coach Jess, Renaissance Nutrition

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