Newsflash! CrossFit doesn’t (shouldn’t) have to be high intensity all the time!

Sometimes when you’re training in a CrossFit gym, every day can seem like a competition. You are competing with your friends, yourself or even some random people’s scores on the internet (I am guilty of that last one a LOT!!) Not a bad thing some of the times. Competition pushes us to be better. When the CrossFit methodology was in its’ infancy 15+ years ago, Greg Glassman (Coach…) was asked why he advocated scoring the workouts with objective measures like time, reps etc… His response? “Men will die for points!” If you’ve ever watched or participated in sports you know this is true.


The problem can come in when you try to make every day in the gym “game day” It’s simply not sustainable. We are not built to perform at 100% every day. At our gym’s programming (very purposefully) has some days each week that are intended to be lower intensity. This is the difference between training and competing, which we’ll get into a little more another day.


Making sure you’re not all in, every day, will set you up to be able to workout a little more often, stay injury free, have better longevity (still be able to workout in 10 years,20 years….) and feel better overall.


This is not to say that there aren’t times to lay the hammer down. There’s actually plenty of times where going hard is highly advisable, just be careful to not fall into the pitfall of pushing so hard all the time that you wind up getting burned out and then you will not be training at all. Not a good look.


One of the best things you can do is to be sure your goals are fueling YOUR training all the time. Remember why you started all of this (or why you want to start if you’re not training right now…) Keeping this goal oriented mindset will allow you to train properly for YOU.


Of course we’re always here to help you figure all of this out.


Talk soon!

Coach at CrossFit Renaissance

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