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Nutritional Supplements: What Our Coaches are Taking…Coach Jess

We asked our own staff what Nutritional Supplements they are using and why. This week we will hear from our Nutrition Coach & Owner, Jessica. “I always have a canister of Whey Protein on hand. I sometimes need a little help reaching my protein target of 125g. One scoop of Whey Protein has 24 grams.” We use Driven Nutrition’s Whey Protein at CrossFit Renaissance. They have a variety of flavors to choose from. My current flavor of the month is Fresh Cinnamon Roll. Coach Jess sometimes adds a scoop into her oatmeal at breakfast or will make a fruit smoothie. After an intense workout, she might add a scoop to her water bottle. And have you tried this healthy evening sweet treat with Greek Yogurt, some chocolate chips & a scoop of Protein? Give that a try! Yummmmm!

Jess is trying to manage her cortisol levels and has been using a product called Core Hard and has really noticed a difference. Ashwaganda is a main ingredient. Like many of our staff, Jess started taking Creatine to help promote lean muscle. Most recently, she has been taking 2 fish oil capsules before bed. She has noticed a remarkable difference with the health of her joints when waking up and ……… good-bye headaches!

Coach Jess’ Supplements of Choice:

Protein Whey; Core Hard; Creatine; Hydration supplement; & Fish Oil. If you have any questions about any of these supplements or need general information, we are here to offer you some guidance.

At CrossFit Renaissance, we try to make some services convenient for our members and our surrounding community. We want to take some of the guesswork out of it and refer you to the brands we have fully vetted; the brands we ourselves use. Did you know we are a pick location for a Meal Prep Company called Performance Meal Prep. They deliver to us twice/ week.

We also have an online shop to order Nutritional Supplements that we know and trust. We have been using Core Nutritionals for over nine years now (use code: CFRSTRONG for 10% off). This is where Coach Jess orders her Core Hard supplement. We have been a Driven Nutrition affiliate for over four years now. Jess orders the rest of her supplements through Driven.

If you have any questions about our gym or any of the programs we offer, schedule a consultation! We would love to hear from you.

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