Our Favorite Recipes: Shephards Pot Pie

Navigating nutrition means having multiple strategies that help you meet your goals.
We’ve been craving comfort food this winter, and are always on the hunt for satisfying recipes that meet our nutrition targets.
Reading the nutrition facts can help you make an informed decision about the recipe. With daily balance as the goal, and the information about the food we are going to eat, we can modify the recipes, or rebalance the day to accommodate them.
Two easy ideas in a recipe like this Shepherd’s Pot Pie from tastythin.com is using ground turkey or chicken instead of ground beef and doubling the carrots and celery.
Why would we do that?
Maybe ground turkey was on sale. Or maybe a lower fat dinner will help you meet your macro targets for the day. And with so many other ingredients, the protein choice will have minimal impact on the taste.
Adding more carrots is probably self explanatory! With a goal of a fist of veggies per meal minimum – either increase the veggies in the dish, serve with a side of vegetables, or include a side salad.
Having multiple strategies is essential to a long term nutrition plan.
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