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Tip Tuesday: Begin Where You Are

Many of us are just getting back into the gym after a three – four month “break”.  Some of you have been very consistent with your workout schedules, some of us not so much!  We are excited to hit the weights and jump on some rowers!  But we must train smart and train safe.

You should NOT grab that barbell and load it to 200# for a deadlift on your first week back in the gym if that was your heaviest back in March!   Hold back a little on the intensity as well, if you have not been consistent.  Most of us didn’t have access to weights at home, so we need to take the time to work our way back to where we want to be.  So let’s begin where we are today!!!!

Cardio isn’t where it used to be?  Begin where you are.  Start running or try some longer workouts at a low intensity level.

Strength took a hit?  Begin where you are.  Look at your previous 1 rep maxes and start around 60% of that for 3 sets of 5 reps, working you way up with small jumps every week.

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