Training Smart

Tip Tuesday with Coach Stephani: Training Smart

Training Smart


10 Tips to Training Smart


  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep.  Your body needs good, quality sleep.
  2. Drink Your Water.  It’s no secret that we need to stay hydrated, but especially during workouts.
  3. Fuel Your Body with the Right Food.  Need help in this department?  Speak to our Nutrition Coach.
  4. Come To the Gym Ready to Work!
  5. Stretch it Out.  Never jump right into a workout…(even if you are running late to class).
  6. Listen to your Body.  If you feel some pain, stop what you are doing!  Don’t push through it!  That is NOT smart!!!  And scale if and when necessary.  Everyone is on a different level, with different strengths and different weaknesses.  We make modifications to YOUR level of fitness.
  7. Stay Positive!  Mindset goes a long way!!!  And cheer others on!!  We stay until the last person is finished!!!  Imagine finishing up the last round and everyone else is putting equipment away or packing up?  That cannot feel good!
  8. Log Your Workouts: the good, the bad, the ugly.  How else will you measure your progress or identify where you may need some extra work?   The next time your workout of the day calls for 1 Rep Max Deadlift and you cannot remember what your current load is, those who take the time to log their workouts, can pull it up on their app or check their log book.  We use an app called Beyond the Whiteboard.  All active members have free access to BTWB.
  9. Take A Rest Day!!  Believe it or not, this is a hard one for many CrossFitters!!  Your Body needs time to recover!!!  You put yourself at risk of over training.  So take a rest day every 2-3 days OR try an active recovery activity like swimming or bike riding.
  10. Be Proud Every Step of the Way!  What we do in the gym is NOT easy!  If it were, everyone would be doing it!   So give yourself some credit.  You make it in to the gym!!!  There was once a time when even that was hard.


Which of these 10 tips do you struggle with the most?

Which of these tips do you not consider?

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