Want a long term solution to healthy living?

Keto, paleo, Atkins, flexible dieting, intermittent fasting, diet teas and more. With one quick search on the internet, we can easily be consumed by the hundreds of options out there to help us lose weight.


However, these quick fixes and FADs (fast action diets) do not provide the long-term solutions and healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. Instead, these diets promote unrealistic and unsustainable short results.


Quick fixes and FADs use the following strategies to help you lose a few pounds quickly:

  • They encourage you to cut out an entire food group, keeping you from receiving important vitamins provided by the food group
  • Severely restrict calories and send your body into starvation mode
  • Focus on supplements or meal replacements

Sure, you might lose a few pounds in the first few weeks, but we all know that is water weight that will come back quickly. To lose one pound of fat, you must burn 3600 calories. I’m sure you’ve heard advertisements promising that you will lose 20 pounds in one month? It is simply impossible to do in a safe and long-term way.

Now, I want you to think about the following: what is your motivation for losing weight? what is your overall goal once you lose weight? Is it disease prevention? Is it to feel healthy? Is it to look good? Is it to perform better? You cannot achieve any of these goals on quick fix diet.

Instead, find a way to lose weight through realistic and healthy changes. Don’t look at food as something to be afraid of or something you must control. Find ways to enjoy eating healthy. Love meatloaf? Make turkey¬†meatloaf muffins. Love mashed potatoes? Introduce mashed cauliflower into your diet.

Create a plan that is sustainable and the whole family can follow! After all, YOU are the one setting an example for your entire family. What habits do you want them to develop?


-Bill Shiffler, CSCS
Owner/Operator CrossFit Renaissance
[email protected]
215 760 5795

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