CrossFit Renaissance is launching a team building program for our corporate partners, and we are consolidating our most popular training packages to help other local area businesses. Our fun team of coaches will lead workouts at your business or at our location.

If your company is interested in a wellness program for your employees that includes health, fitness, feeling better, performing better, better food choices, and being empowered with the knowledge and new found abilities to take charge of their life, then contact us and we’d be happy to help!

You have the opportunity to do something amazing for your company and its employees. You have the ability to affect a positive change.

4 Reasons to Offer a Worksite Wellness Program


Employers who invest in worksite wellness can see a return of $3-6 per every dollar spent over a 2-5 year period: lower medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s comp claims and short term disability.


Systematic review of 42 articles showed: 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26% reduction in use of health care benefits, 30% reduces worker’s comp claims and disability management.


At Renaissance Nutrition, we focus on behavior change and promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet.  We foster a healthy environment for your employees, and promote a lifestyle change.


We educate, provide resources and support to improve the overall health of your employees.  Our programs are guided, tested and have proven results.

Want to learn more about our Corporate Wellness Options?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? CALL US! And we’ll work with you to put together a program tailored for your business. Interested in having us explain/demo CrossFit with your group or business? Call us and we’ll set up a time for your group/business to come in. We’ll explain CrossFit and why it’s different, talk about nutrition, and let you all experience a taste of CrossFit. Call 215-760-5795 or email at to set up a time for your organization or business!


Don’t worry about your current fitness level, we’ll meet you right where you are!

We were one of Philadelphia’s first CrossFit gyms – opening in 2009 -, also one of the largest at 6,000 sq ft, so space is never an issue here. Our coaches have been working in the fitness industry since 1995. There’s not a type of client we haven’t trained during that time, from seniors in their 70s, members who have lost 150+ pounds, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and everyone in between.