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2013 Beat the Streets Partner WOD

Philadelphia Crossfit Steve's Club

Beat the Streets Partner WOD

We are holding the Beat the streets again here this year at CrossFit Renaissance. The Steve’s Club National Program is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing fitness to at-risk youth, through the work of Local Clubs.

Suggested donation is $25.00

The WOD will be followed by a signature CFR BBQ for all attendees. Please confirm your attendance on our Facebook Event page (link below) and feel free to use the Razoo online donation form in lieu of bringing cash on-site.

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The 2013 Beat the Streets WOD


  • 10 reps Shoulder to Overhead (115lbs/75lbs)
  • 25 reps Deadlifts (115lbs/75lbs)
  • 50 reps Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Each athlete must perform 5 reps (and no more), before the next athlete can start their 5 reps. Athletes will continue to alterate 5 reps throughout the WOD. Only one athlete per team may be working at a time. The score is the total number of reps in 15 min.

Partner teams may be any combination of male and female (Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female).


About Steve’s Club

In May 2007, Steve Liberati opened Steve’s Club, a non-profit CrossFit affiliate for urban youth in Camden, N.J.

His goal was simple: improve the lives of the area’s youth through fitness and community.

After several years of consistent effort, Liberati has established a name for himself and the community is thriving.

“Steve’s Club is a DisneyWorld … a place where dreams are made and happy times are had; where they can share stories, experiences, ideas, and goals with your friends; where a kid can be a hero for a day and finish a workout that adults do; where they can learn new skills, new movements and a new way to look at health and fitness; where everyone comes out on top and walks about feeling accomplished and proud; where they can run around outside without having to worry about stray bullets or stepping on dirty needles or crack pipes; where they can confide in someone who respects and cares about them, someone who is willing to offer advice whether it is fitness related (or) about nutrition, school or life,” Liberati says.

Steve’s Club relies heavily on fundraising to keep their efforts alive, and on October 5th CrossFit Renaissance will hold a Beat the Streets fundraiser to raise money for this important cause.

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