So I’ve been training for about 15 years. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, a little strongman etc… Along the way you see and hear stuff like this. A lot of times it’s a macho type thing. I’m not a punk, I train the hardest out of anyone I know, my balls are bigger than yours etc… I also check out a number of other gym’s posts and blogs. This notion of whining and people making excuses comes up fairly often.

Then it got me thinking. Should I give a similar “speech” to you all. The very short, succinct answer is NO. There is no need. Every one of you comes in here to train hard, and leaves your excuses at the door.

Are there excuses available? Damn straight, and good ones too. But a good excuse is still an excuse right? I could name some for you guys right now. You’ll know who you are. My knee exploded, My shoulders and back are jacked up, I have a newborn, School is busy, life is busy, I’m not big enough, I’m too big, etc…

Yeah the excuses are there if you want them. I have a saying that most of you know: You can either have excuses or results. You guys don’t need me say this all the time. The atmosphere you all have created in this place simply doesn’t allow for excuses.

Rock on.