“What excites me? Seeing happy faces leave the gym. People come here after a long day of work or before a busy day, when they get a workout, chat a little and leave smiling, it makes my day.”

Joyce wears many hats at CrossFit Renaissance. She is the owner, Director of Business Development, Office Manager, marketer, mobility coach, and also does some CrossFit group class coaching.

Oh, and she owns several records on the PR whiteboards.


  • Crossfit Level 1 Certificate
  • Licensed Massage Therapist (Board Certified)

Favorite Lift and WOD:

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Played Field Hockey in High School and made it to Nationals
  • Ran and played soccer for 2 years

Why CrossFit? How did you discover it and why did you stay with CrossFit?

Through Bill. He trained me during our dating years back at Iron Sport. I was his worst client.

I would do the warm–up and then he’d say, “Okay, lets look at the workout” and I’d be like, “WHAT workout? I just did a workout, ugh!”

“Honey, that was a WARM – UP!”

I hated it –  especially when I had to eat properly. It really didn’t kick in until I had my son Raymond and needed to change my life. Imagine, we owned a CrossFit gym, and I never worked out at all. But from Feb of 2011, I was hooked and haven’t stopped since. I was lucky enough to do CrossFit through my entire second pregnancy and was blessed with the easiest natural home birth after a C-section. I thank CrossFit for preparing me mentally and physically for Violet’s birth.


How is CFR reaching out to and interacting with the community now?

We are meeting the businesses in the neighborhood, thanks to Sweets and Treats (Port Richmond Second Saturday events) and looking to interact more and more in the spring season, We plan to take the workouts outside and enjoy the nice weather in the park while showing the community that you only need an hour a day to change your life.


How will CrossFit Renaissance continue to grow and develop as part of the wider Philadelphia /Port Richmond and CrossFit communities in the future?

We plan to be a part of the group that takes childhood obesity and diabetes out. We will be launching our CrossFit Kids program soon. And we plan to help our local school combat diabetes and childhood obesity.


What excites you about your work?

Seeing happy faces leave the gym. People come here after a long day of work or before a busy day, when they get a workout, chat a little and leave smiling, it makes my day.


What are you doing when you’re not in the gym?

Chasing my two little monkeys around. Raymond and Violet take my Saturdays and Sundays and turn them into GOLD. We play all day, I clean and they make a mess. It turns out to be fun after a while. Ha! Ha! We have family time with Bill and the kids, visit Grandmom, or go to the park.


Give us a little known fact about you.

Oh boy! To tell the truth, I suck at sugar coating things, so I have been known to be blunt. I am working on softening it though. Lol!


Don’t worry about your current fitness level, we’ll meet you right where you are!

We were one of Philadelphia’s first CrossFit gyms – opening in 2009 -, also one of the largest at 6,000 sq ft, so space is never an issue here. Our coaches have been working in the fitness industry since 1995. There’s not a type of client we haven’t trained during that time, from seniors in their 70s, members who have lost 150+ pounds, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and everyone in between.