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Kristina Chadwick

I joined CrossFit Renaissance to feel strong and active for my son.  I also want to build core strength so I can work longer in life.

My biggest accomplishment so far is losing 13 pounds in my first 2 months here (surpassing my 10# goal), making better food choices and downsizing from my maternity clothes!

I am currently working on building upper body strength to make it up the rope.  I am 35 and have never climbed one, ever!

My favorite memory here at CrossFit Renaissance is the time my Coach, Jess, and I were talking about how I never miss a session, then I ended up sleeping through my alarm and was super embarrassed.

My motivation to continue training is the results I am getting.  It takes time and discipline and sometimes my diet isn’t perfect, but little changes each day make a difference for my mental health.

  • Kristina has been a Personal Training client with us since April 2019.  She works out consistently three days a week for 30 minutes,  Recently, Tina joined our Boot Camp program to supplement her Personal Training and have fun with some of the other Boot Campers.


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