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CrossFit Renaissance Working out

Manny Gonzalez

“The reason I decided to join CrossFit is because I got tired of the routine gym workouts I did everyday and not seeing results. I wanted to see for myself what the hype was about with “CrossFit Training”.
My first impression was, “This looks tough. There’s no way I am going to be able to do this.”

Well, I gave it a try and the trainer really was very motivational. It is like one big family and I like being here. I still have the same passion since day one.

Right now I am focused on my nutrition, something that is hard for me. Looking forward to putting together a game plan to manage it.
Getting to the gym is easy for me. What is tough is staying focused on knowing that I can do the workout and to stop selling myself short.
My first memory was my introduction class, which I completed, but was exhausted. I then turned to the trainer, Bill, and asked where to sign up.
Here I am, 16 months later, still working hard at crushing personal records. And that is why I am still here. I have become stronger and can say “Yes, I can do it” without doubting myself!”

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