CrossFit Renaissance has been the best decision I have ever made for my physical fitness and wellness of life.

I was at 250 and only 5’10”. I’ve never picked up an Olympic barbell in my life. For years I’ve struggled with trying to get to the gym and just plain failing at it. Don’t worry, I’ve always had a gym membership though. I had two friends who belonged to this Crossfit Renaissance and was amazed at their progress and accomplishments. Even though they told me how great it was, I still didn’t join. I was intimidated.

I finally just got fed up with nothing working for me and decided to try it. I just walked in and met Bill, the owner. Just he and I, in an empty gym. I look around and there’s all this equipment around the perimeter of the gym, pull up bars, weights, weird things that I didn’t know what they were. It was nerve-wracking. Then Bill starts talking to me about my goals and about normal stuff. Wow, he’s pretty cool and down to earth. I signed up and came back for my first session.

Ever since the first day, it was nothing but positive reinforcement from both staff AND other members. People doing twice work I was doing were literally CHEERING me on to finish or to keep me moving.

It didn’t matter what my ability level was, every workout was and still is specifically tailored to me to meet my goals and needs. And man, the coaches are spot on! It feels like they can predict the future by scaling the workout to make it just hard enough to really push me, but perfect enough for me to finish.

A lot of people think the price is too high, but this is a gym were your penny goes a LONG way. This staff is exactly what I needed to keep me motivated. This is a place where you don’t pay 10$ to walk on a treadmill in an overcrowded gym. Here, you get a highly skilled group of trainers that just make the experience phenomenal. They practice what they preach. They know how to have fun, show you the right way to do something, and just simply keep you motivated. There is not a single day where I’m not excited to go to the gym. It’s such a great community of people that I truly enjoy being with. This is something that I can not put a price tag on.

Take it from me, the guy who was unable to complete a simple 400 meter run on my first day. Now I can run a 5k without stopping! When I did that, it was a moment I will NEVER forget. I’ve lost over 35 pounds and continue to get stronger every week and it was all accomplished with the CFR family.

My biggest regret is that I did not start sooner. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but don’t feel intimidated like I did. Sure it can be scary and uncomfortable at first, but I can not promise you a more welcoming group of people than the staff and members of CrossFit Renaissance. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone, but it is the only way to grow. And I promise you, you will grow in ways you never imagined. You get results, not hype.

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