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Mary Ann Tobin

Member Profile: Mary Ann Tobin (member since January 2014)

“I came to CrossFit Renaissance at the request of my daughter, Mary Ellen Stevens. I promised her that I would talk to Bill Shiffler (owner and head coach), but I put it off – I’m not sure why. Fear of the unknown, I suppose. Then one day I ran into Bill and he gave me his business card. I told him I would call him, but again I put it off. When I ran into him a short time later, I asked him if he were stalking me and his response was “Yes”. I put all my fears aside and made an appointment to see him. We discussed my goals and what I wanted out of joining the gym.

At that time I had gained 25 pounds and was having difficulty breathing. After finding out my heart and lungs were fine, I decided to get started at the gym. I did the personal training with Bill late in November of 2013. I was ready to begin classes after the first of the New Year. I haven’t regretted it since.

With Bill and Joyce’s encouragement, I have made significant strides in my training and I have surprised myself by doing things I never thought I could do. I was and still am impressed about how solicitous the coaches are of my circumstances – scaling the workouts to meet my needs and abilities. As I attended each class, I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish. Even some of my aches and pains have subsided.

I am also impressed by the variations of the workouts. They are intense and challenging, but never boring because they change daily. We are constantly adding weights and reps and that makes the classes interesting, to say the least.

CrossFit has become something other than “The gym”. The staff and the other members have become my friends and are a source of encouragement, not only to me, but to each other.

One of the more memorable activities that I have done at CFR was the day I flipped one of those monster tires. That experience was awesome! I’m sure there will be other activities of which I can say the same.

I admit it, I talk about CrossFit all the time. My nieces and nephews are impressed that I “do CrossFit”. Some people think I’m crazy. But once I have experienced how good I feel after a workout, and how I have changed and became more confident, I am so glad that my daughter made the recommendation she did. I am glad that the coaches encourage me while working out, and I have an entirely different (healthy) outlook on life. I feel as though I have invested my time in becoming healthier and happier and most comfortable being who I am. Thanks again, Mary Ellen Stevens.

And, by the way, I will be 73 on my next birthday at the end of May.”

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