Member: Rob S.

Member Story: Rob Szajdek

Member: Rob S.

Rob S. joined the CFR crew in February 2020.  We asked Rob to share his CrossFit story.

“I have to say I came into the gym at an interesting time in the world.  I give you (Bill Shiffler, owner) and the coaches a ton of credit for making the best out of this crappy situation we are all dealing with. The zoom classes have been better than I expected.   They are helping me keep that momentum going that I started in the gym and are really helping me stay sane.  

I have really learned that CrossFit is much more than a workout program.  It is a community of friends committed to leading a healthier lifestyle.

I feel most confident with dumbbell shoulder press, specifically the single arm movements.  We have really been focusing on the unilateral movements since being “quarantined”.

I really want to get to the point where i can do 2 things:

  1. 20 strict pushups straight through.
  2. 1 pull up”                                                                            


Rob shared his story during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all businesses were shut down.  Most gyms turned to online classes and instruction to keep members active and stress-free.  We are now three weeks into being back at the gym, so Rob will continue to work on his goals.


What are some specific goals you have set for yourself?


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