Member Success Story – Meet Bill

May 23rd has a lot of significance for CrossFit Renaissance member Bill.  His success story with us started 6 months ago when he first walked into the gym looking for a change.  But his life changed 3 years ago and started an incredible journey that we are grateful to share.  

Bill’s life changed three years ago with a life-altering motorcycle accident. “May 23 will be three years since the accident where I died,” Bill recalls. The aftermath was severe: “My brain swelled up with two brain bleeds. I was bleeding through both ears, broke my nose, my cheek, my wrist, and my arm. I spent months in rehab and therapy, needing help with walking, memory issues, and speech therapy.”

The first year of recovery was incredibly challenging, filled with multiple falls and concussions, ultimately forcing Bill to retire and go on Social Security disability. Despite trying various fitness options like yoga and working out at Planet Fitness, he found them unmotivating. One day, while walking his dog, he noticed CrossFit Renaissance and decided to give it a try.

Bill’s Journey with CrossFit Renaissance

Bill has been a member at CrossFit Renaissance for less than six months but has already seen remarkable changes. “I wanted to feel better. At the time, I wasn’t really looking to look better, just feel better. I wanted to walk a little better, maybe stand up straight,” he shares. Today, Bill is not only achieving his original goals but surpassing them. “I DO feel better. Yes, I am achieving my original goal and more. My goals have changed a little, now using heavier weights.”

Unexpected and Expected Outcomes

Bill expected to lose weight but was pleasantly surprised by the pace at which it happened. “It’s incredible,” he says. “I am down almost 35 pounds,  getting stronger and feeling better and  motivated.” Additionally, he didn’t anticipate how much he would enjoy the community aspect of CrossFit. “The people in my class are really cool. It really helped, especially with the modified workouts that I do in class. The 5:45 class rocks.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Before joining CrossFit Renaissance, Bill struggled with finding structured and effective workouts. “I’m sure like others, I tried Planet Fitness. With no structure, no help, just doing what you want. I did that and hurt myself, needing elbow surgery,” he explains. In contrast, CrossFit Renaissance provided the structure and professional guidance he needed. “The coaches know what they’re doing and are professionals. Two thumbs up.”

Favorite Moments and Future Aspirations

Bill’s favorite moments at the gym revolve around the supportive community and coaching. “My favorite moment is the people in my class and the coach. The 5:45 class rocks.” Looking ahead, he is excited about his future progress. “If I feel this good after five months, imagine how I’ll feel in six, seven months, or a year. The future looks brighter.”

Advice to New Members

Bill encourages anyone considering joining CrossFit Renaissance to take the leap. “1000% do it! It helped me in many ways. I would tell them my backstory and how much it helped me.” For those just starting, he advises, “Don’t give up. Stick with it and don’t try to keep up with the guy next to you. If it’s a timed session and he does 10 reps and you’re only able to do 7, you will catch up in time. I guarantee it.”

Bill’s Final Thoughts

Bill is deeply appreciative of the coaches and the modifications they provide. “Whenever my disability doesn’t allow me to do an exercise, the coach always has an alternative that is just as challenging. They are very knowledgeable in their craft.”

Congratulations, Bill! We are inspired by your dedication, resilience, and the incredible progress you’ve made. Your story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of CrossFit and the supportive community at CrossFit Renaissance. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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