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Michelle Murawski

“I started CrossFit on April 15th of 2013. I remember seeing it on the Fox 29 morning news program. Jennapher Fredericks was live from there, although Bill and Joyce have no recollection of it 🙂 I remember my father telling me to get over there and flip some tires. It looked like a lot of fun.

I never did end up going in then, but in 2012 I found a Groupon for Renaissance. I bought it and tried talking some friends into buying it with me. No one would join me, but I still bought it. I needed to get back into working out. I had a baby in December 2010 and I was on exercise restriction halfway through my pregnancy. I hadn’t done anything for about 3 years prior to starting. I was a little hesitant to go in, but I knew I needed to get back into working out. I waited until one of the last possible days to actually start using it. That was the start of my CrossFit days and I haven’t looked back since.

I remember walking into the gym on my 1st day. Bill was in there, walking around, coaching a class carrying around his pvc pipe as he was yelling/coaching class. They were doing some sort of station workout – and the class was hurting – and I thought, “what am I getting myself into?” Although there are still plenty of days that I ask myself that same question, I have found something that I love and never get tired of doing.

I was intimidated by the girls that had been there long before me and could do the things I tried so hard to do, but couldn’t. I set goals for myself and slowly achieved them. I constantly try to remind new people coming, who have the same feelings that I did, that we all started there. With hard work and motivation, the results will follow.

I played sports since I can remember and went on to play Division 1 Field hockey for Temple. (Ed’s note: Michelle was inducted into Temple University’s Hall of Fame in 2014) All that aside, I think I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. I wish I would have found CrossFit sooner. I remember dreading lifting and conditioning in college and now I look forward to it. I look forward to seeing what I’m able to accomplish in the gym. We all have a beginning story, our initial brutal days/months, but to see the progress and how far you can push yourself is the most rewarding thing you could ever experience.

Well, I’ve accomplished many of the goals that I set out to do and look forward to continuing to work on a lot more. I still have plenty to work on and plenty of things I’m unable to do. That is the best thing about CrossFit, there is always room for improvement in everything you do. I still struggle with OLY (Olympic) movements and moving heavy weight. I’m working on improving those weaknesses. My one big goal this year is muscle-ups. I want to get at least one.

I love the gym and everything we do. There are days I walk in and have zero motivation, but once I start my WOD and see everyone working hard, it makes me push even harder. When I’m having my worst days outside of the gym I seem to have my best inside. It’s great stress relief for me, but I still get nervous before the start of every WOD. I try to zone out on everything else outside the gym once I start. CrossFit Renaissance is a place I look forward to coming to on a daily basis. I’ve made great friends here and plenty of awesome memories. Too many to count.”

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