CrossFit Renaissance Working out

Mike Ramsey

“My first vivid memory of CrossFit was my very first intro session with Bill. It was a Sunday morning and as I walked into the gym, I saw two people doing their own workout. Bill mentioned to me that they were here on their own working on their weaknesses. Immediately I thought: who in their right mind would do that? 2 years later, I get mad at my boss when she schedules me on Sundays because I wont be able to attend Open Gym day. CrossFit has changed my life and not one day goes by when I regret following my sister’s advice of joining. Except, of course, if that day Kalsu was scheduled.

There were many thoughts of quitting the first few months due to the fact that I would leave the gym sore. My muscles were aching and there were many days going into work when I was limping and I had to tell people that I just came back from working out. The only motivation that kept me going was all the compliments I was receiving from friends and family on my weight loss and how I was gaining muscle. 40 pounds and a few pants sizes later, I am very glad I stuck through the aches and pains of the beginning stages of CrossFit.

I do not know what the next 2 years of CrossFit will consist of for me, but if its anything like the first 2 years it should be fun and interesting.”

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