“I get fired up when someone who isn’t that athletic or physically gifted gets that fire in their eyes.”

Ray has been with Crossfit Renaissance since early 2011.  He obtained his Crossfit Level 1 Certificate in October of 2011, apprenticed for over a year, and has been a trainer ever since.

Ray has been lifting seriously since about 17. Before finding his home in the weight room, he was an accomplished high school athlete – lettering in football, baseball, track and field in his hometown of West Orange, NJ.


  • Crossfit Level 1 Certificate
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1
  • PA EMT-B

Favorite Lift and WOD:

  • Back squats, deadlifts, and muscle-ups
  • McGhee, Linda and anything that is heavy and hard.

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Randy 4:04
  • Deadlift 529
  • High bar back squat 413
  • “The day I was able to finish Kalsu is still my favorite accomplishment.”
  • High School: All Area Football Junior and Senior year, All County Football Senior year
  • “And last but not least my favorite Al Bundy-ism, I averaged 6.9 yards per carry in high school football. I owe that all to the behemoth line I ran behind.”

What are you known for?

Professionally, I am known for my upbeat attitude, work ethic, and my accountability.  I’m pretty sure I have a knack for communicating complex ideas in as simple and understandable way as possible.  I also believe I have a knack for coming up with off-the-wall analogies that just make sense.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

I’m pretty damn good at getting people to accomplish what they believe they cannot.  My ideal client says that I’m really willing to push the envelope in order to get results from them.  My ideal client also will probably say that I’m nuts.

What are you most passionate about, professionally?

I’m most passionate about seeing results.  To tell you the truth, I get the most fired up when someone, who isn’t that athletic or physically gifted, gets that fire in their eyes.  I like being helpful in life, in general.  The fact that I get to show up to a job where I can help people reach the goals they are striving for fills me up.

What is your favorite recovery food?

Currently my favorite recovery food is chocolate milk.  I also dig whey protein, BCAAs, bananas, and figs.

What lift and WOD do you absolutely hate or want to avoid?

I hate overhead squats and double-unders.  I hate Bull, that WOD blows.

Where can we find you when you aren’t training?

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my beautiful wife, Mallory, and my gorgeous daughters, Natalia and Lucia. I work a lot, so the free time I do have on the weekends is spent with my family.

What are you passionate about, personally?

If you know me, you know I am a foodie through and through.  I have an absolute obsession with eating, especially less popular items like cheek, tongue, and stomach.  I also love to cook/make food.  The coffee ice cream I make is second to none!

What Charities or Volunteer Activities do you Support?

My family has been really active in the relief efforts for Union Beach, NJ after Hurricane Sandy.

Give us a little known fact about you.

I know most of The Drifters songs by heart (but only prefer the versions with Ben E King) and I cried at the end of La Bamba.


Don’t worry about your current fitness level, we’ll meet you right where you are!

We were one of Philadelphia’s first CrossFit gyms – opening in 2009 -, also one of the largest at 6,000 sq ft, so space is never an issue here. Our coaches have been working in the fitness industry since 1995. There’s not a type of client we haven’t trained during that time, from seniors in their 70s, members who have lost 150+ pounds, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and everyone in between.