Everybody is making some real marked progress, and it’s worth noting.

Some highlights from the last week or so…

Mark is banging out kipping pullups consistently and pulled a beastly PR on deadlifts of 165kg.  400lbs is just around the corner man.

Bill Jaskell got redemption for a botched post w/0 500m last week with a solid 1:40 500m row this week.

Clayberger continues to kill it every time he’s here.  I think Bill is down damn near 40 pounds since he started here.  He painfully finished all 800m this week on Badger too.  You’ve come a long way cuz, only more progress is ahead.

Mike Patton made a trimphant return from his doubski of vacations to pull 110kg 6th set of 3 on deadlifts.  I have to figure he pulls over 300lbs in the next 4-6 weeks here.

Oh and if you’ve seen this guy:duff There’s a reward for his return to 3475-B Collins Street.