3 People per group

100 Burpees
100 Single Unders
100 Swings
150 Single Unders
100 Situps
200 Single Unders
100 Goblet Squats
250 Single Unders

Then Every person completes a 75 Yard Bear Crawl.

-Only one person working at a time. Every member must complete at least 25% of total reps for each movement (High level math for some of you I know!)
-During the bear crawls the other 2 members must be in a plank (on forearms) position with hips in line with the body. If either of the 2 members drop or hips rise or lower for more than 2 seconds, the person crawling must also stop until those in a plank get back in position.
-The bear crawls must be done in 25 yard increments only, but one person can complete as much of their 75 yards as the team sees fit at any time.