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Jennifer started with CrossFit Renaissance in December of 2015.  She tried Planet Fitness and every Hip Hop abs or fad DVD workout

you can think of.  Never stuck with any of it and got bored really quickly.  A very close friend of her’s was doing this new style fitness

regimen, called CrossFit, and she was amazed at not only the physical changes, but the emotional as well.  She said, ” I want whatever

(she) has.”  She joined up and never looked back.  “This is my second home, my happy place,” she tells everyone.

Jennifer joined our staff in April, 2017 as our General Manager and received her L1 CrossFit Trainer Certificate in October, 2017.

She is now coaching On Ramp, CrossFit and Personal Training clients.

Jennifer’s Certifications:

CrossFit L1 Trainer

First Aid/CPR AED certified

CrossFit Judge

Favorite Lifts  & WODs:

Hang Power Clean & Back Squat

Mary & anything with gymnastic skill work

Q & A with Jennifer:

How did you first get into doing CrossFit?

I am a single parent of three active teenagers and I was working full time.  I was exhausted all of the time and that affected my mood.

I was always active in sports but never stuck with anything as far as a routine.  I would lose interest quickly or make excuses.  I saw a friend of mine

with similar background posting all of these photos of her lifting and running, but it was her attitude and positivity that resonated with

me.  I wanted whatever she was having!  She set me up with a No Sweat Intro and that was it!  Love at first lift!  I never have to

make myself get up and go to the gym.  I want to go to the gym!

What are you most passionate about, professionally?

I want to see others succeed, encourage others to challenge themselves, and be the best version of YOU.  I want to help others

get through difficult experiences and believe that they have the power within themselves to make change.

Set goals, come up with a plan, and rock out!

What are you most passionate about, personally?

I want to live by example.  I want to empower women to take care of themselves physically and mentally.  I want to be a good role

model for my kids & nephews.

What are you known for?

I am tiny but mighty with a pretty loud mouth.  I get excited when any type of gymnastic movement is in a workout!

What is the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

Just one?  I wear many mats around here LOL  I love problem solving!  It’s a challenge because everyone is unique and so solutions

must be too!

What is your favorite recovery food?

My go to recovery meal is grilled chicken, rice and broccoli or asparagus.  If I don’t have much time, chocolate protein shake.

What lift and WOD do you absolutely try to avoid?

Trick question?  LOL  Lift: probably the snatch, because it needs so much work!  I literally have an internal battle when I see

snatches programmed.  But I try to focus on my weaknesses, so I snatch as often as I can.

WOD: Anything with distance running.  Again, because it is not a strength.

Give us a little known fact about you.

I won a beauty contest as a baby, crowned the Prettiest Baby in Fishtown.


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