Fabiana’s Story

Today’s Member Spotlight is on Fabiana who joined CrossFit Renaissance in September 2018.
When Fabiana enrolled at Crossfit Renaissance, she wanted to get control over her mental and physical health. “Mentally, I was depressed because of the weight I gained and I felt like I was physically broken. Had pain on my knees and also developed acid reflux. My health was declining…”
That’s when she moved to Port Richmond and saw the CrossFit Renaissance gym.  She made an appointment and was super excited to start her CrossFit journey.  Why Renaissance? “My first impression was great! I love how supportive the coaches are and the encouragement I get. It had fitness and nutrition support.”

Fabiana is a regular member of our group CrossFit Classes, works with us for Nutrition Coaching, and also works with a personal trainer, Coach Jen, to supplement her training and help her build muscle.
Her unpredictable schedule as a flight attendant has been a huge hurdle. But she has figured out how to keep her focus on her goals, and how to vary her strategies based on her travel schedule.
Fabiana is a vibrant member of our community. She is focused and driven, enthusiastic, coachable and always curious.
When we asked her what she would tell someone who was considering joining the gym she said,
“You will become the best version of yourself that you could possibly imagine!”
CFR: Where are you now?    (Did you achieve your original goal? moving towards it? have your goals changed? ETC)
Fabiana: I definitely achieved my goals!  Lost 25 pounds, gained muscles  and lowered my body fat.   And I won’t stop there, doing PT classes to participate on a Bodybuilding competition and focusing on new skills at CrossFit movements. Also working with a Nutrition Coach.
CFR:  What were the expected/unexpected outcomes from your training with us?
Fabiana: The expected: I trusted 100% the system at CFR.  The unexpected: I’ve created a passion for Crossfit and Nutrition and learned with the coaches that being patient is a virtue. Now, I trully am who I always wanted to become: stronger and confident and believe that I am capable of anything!

CFR: What was holding you back from achieving your goal before joining the gym?  And how did CFR help you overcome that?

Fabiana: Before, I had no motivation to move forward, that’s when I realized that I needed help. I found on CFR, the support I needed, always getting feedback from coaches on how to improve my movements and encouragement, and that, gives you power!

CFR: What has been your favorite moment at the gym?
Fabiana: When I did my first rope climb, I knew at that moment, that I can overcome anything I want to.
CFR: What excites you about the future?
Fabiana:On the horizon I can see myself overcoming my own body limits and be able to learn all the movements on CrossFit.
CFR:  What would you tell someone who is considering joining our gym?
Fabiana: Joining CFR will be a complete life change and you will find all the support you need. But the best feature to me, is how technical the coaches are at every class!

CFR:  And what advice would you give to someone who is just starting with us?

Fabiana: Dive in 100% and trust the system at CFR.   You get the support and confidence  that you are looking for.  Consistency and dedication is the key.

You will become the best version of yourself that you could possibly imagine!
Now, after I’ve achieved my initial goals, I feel confident and strong like I have  never felt before.  My life completely changed! 
The power I gained from  CrossFit not only changed my body but I  became sharp at work, focused and confident.  And all that reflects on my personal life as well. 
The coaches will guide you all the way through, but only you can walk the path to change your life. 
As long as you are willing to do everything that it takes, success will follow and it also  takes time.  It’s not easy. Everyday I learn new things, I adapt and face new obstacles, like: meal prep, when and where to eat, logging food and having food with me for 3 to 4 days and it all has to fit on my cooler! Workout at the gym at hotel  when I’m away… it took me a while to figure all this out.
But every step I took, I have no regrets. And I’m still evolving!
All this, for a healthy life , to feel great, powerful and crosse that finished line on each W.O.D and overcome movements that I could never imagine I was capable of.
And that is the path I chose to follow…
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