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Are you Happy Now?

The beauty of CrossFit isn’t the bumper plates, or women doing pull-ups. It’s not even the “wod.” The beauty is, “Let me show you how to squat, friend.” The beauty is CARING. We care enough to learn more, to tell you when you can do better, to share. And everyone can share.

If you’re happy about your January, or joyful because of this week, you don’t have to hand out our business cards. You don’t have to refer seven others. Instead, I want you to teach your best friend to squat. If you care about them, teach them how to do an honest-to-God, heels-down, hips-back SQUAT.

I’ll even give you a prize. Post a picture and/or video of your friend squatting to our facebook page tomorrow, or email it to us, and they can do OnRamp for free! ($199 value.) It has to be good–you’ll have to teach them–and it has to be tomorrow. But if they do one good squat, they come to CFR for FREE!

Can you think of a better gift to give your best friend, your husband, your boss? I can’t.

Here’s our facebook page. You can email us a picture at [email protected] You can call us 215-760-5795 and we’ll give you a number to text with a pic. Submit by 9pm on the 10th, please.

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