Jenn Frame



Your experience here is extremely important to us. When you first joined CFR, you had some specific goals. We want you to not only meet those goals, but CRUSH them! Then, it’s time to set your next goal.


In order to help you along, we have added Jenn Frame to our staff to reach out and check in on you. She will be calling you if you haven’t been to the gym in a while. We don’t want to take your money every month and then forget about you, like so many other gyms do. Jenn will also congratulate you on hitting a new PR. CrossFit is hard, so let’s celebrate our victories! Also, she will be checking in to make sure you are working on hitting those goals that you set for yourself, whether it’s to lose 10 pounds, get a 200 pound squat, or get your first muscle-up.


Welcome aboard Jenn Frame!!

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