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We are EXCITED to announce the addition of OPEN GYM! Open gym time will be available between some of our CrossFit classes for our members to try new things, do their ‘homework’, if given by your coach during a skill session, or practice a particular movement you are trying to master. This is time to come in and have some FUN! Open Gym time will, for the time being, be available to members with an unlimited package and those who book skill sessions by the end of October.

For the month of October, Sunday’s regularly scheduled Open gym hours will remain available as one of your CrossFit Group Classes, with the added benefit of being extended an additional hour. Starting in November, Sunday’s Open gym hours will only be available to those with an open gym membership.

The current hours for open Gym will be as follows:

Monday- 9:00-10a. 11a-12 4-5:30p.

Tuesday- 9:00-10a. 10:30-12p. 4-5:30p

Thursday- 9:00-10a 10:30-12p 4-5:30p

Friday- 9:00-10a. 11-12p. 4:30-5:30p

Saturday- 11-12p

Sunday- 10-12p

This starts TOMORROW!

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