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Still Not Losing Weight?

Hey Guys!

Does this sound familiar?

“I workout at least three days a week.  I am getting stronger.  My cardio is improving.  I feel great!  But, I am not losing any weight!  I don’t understand it!!”

I bet that has you frustrated!!  I know it had me frustrated and questioning what I was doing wrong!  You are NOT ALONE!!  I have heard this statement over and over!  So what IS the problem?  What are you doing wrong?  More than likely……….NUTRITION!!!!

Bottom line is…you cannot out work a poor diet!!!

If you are working out, great!!!  But that is only half the battle when it comes to weight loss!   Sure you might lose some weight in the beginning eating like usual and working hard in the gym.  But that will eventually hit a plateau!

Renaissance Nutrition Coach, Jessica, recently dove deeper into this issue in a post titled, “I am doing everything I am supposed to but I am still not losing weight.”   Check it out!

There is a reason that Nutrition is the base of the Fitness Pyramid!  You must build a solid foundation.  There’s no way around it!

Losing weight is simple, but not easy, with many factors that come into play!

At the most basic level, weight loss occurs when your caloric intake is lesser than your caloric expenditure.  This is what I mean by simple…. like a basic math problem!  For example, my calorie maintenance at my level of fitness is about 1850 calories.  I will not lose or gain weight if I continue to workout at this level and eat about 1850 calories.

The “not easy” part is trying to eat less calories without going hungry!  Let me tell you that is a painful experiment that has ended in my consuming a bunch of junk at the end of the night.  I mean who likes to go to bed hungry?!
I needed help and I work in the fitness industry LOL. That’s not to say that you cannot figure this out alone, but sometimes you need someone to help you, like a Nutrition Coach.  To have a free consultation with our Nutrition Coach, just schedule that here.  

Some strategies that I recommend:

  • drink more water and less sugary drinks
  • start reading labels!  If you can’t pronounce it, leave it on the shelf.
  • keep a food journal.  This has helped me tremendously.  I have become more mindful of what I am putting into my body.  Surprisingly, I was eating way more calories than I was aware.
  • eat your protein!!!  Even better, start your day with a protein-rich breakfast!  Protein pancakes 😋 or a protein shake (my quick go-to).
  • Be prepared!!  Schedule 1-2 hours a week to prep your meals.  (This took me awhile to get used to with my schedule, but a game changer!)
  • Keep those those chips and cookies out of reach or do NOT even buy them!  If they are there, you will eat them.

This may take some time getting used to but that is the habit-building game!  The more you do it, the easier it gets!  We are building a healthy lifestyle here guys!!!

If you are getting frustrated with the lack of weight loss, ask yourself:

  1. Am I meeting my daily caloric intake?  Do I even know what that is?
  2. Am I eating a well balanced meal with protein, carbs and fat?
  3. Am I drinking enough water throughout the day?
  4. Am I working hard at the gym at least 3 days a week?

If you answered no, that could be your problem!  If you don’t know the answer, you need to look into this further!


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