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2 Hands Anyhow- 1,1,1,1,1


1/2 Bodyweight Bench Press- 100 reps for time

3 thoughts on “05/14”

  1. 24kg KB/30kg bar L&R, 28kg KB/35kg bar L&R, 28kg/40kg bar (failed with kettlebell in right hand x2), 24kg KB/45kg L&R = 153# = PR.

    Fun stuff. I can’t believe I just typed that out…

    I also got a 50kg (=110) 1-arm snatch PR.

  2. Damn … Have I met Reese? not sure but that 2 pood kb is freakin’ heavy. I had trouble pressing out the kettlebell with my right arm for some reason when over 1.5 pood. Did you guys clean the kettlebell or “power curl” it? I’m thinking i have to change my technique if I go for anything heavier on implement #2.

    Might come in and make up Grace this week. See you soon.

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