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Weighted pullup- 1,1,1

15 minutes AMRAP

5- 60kg Hang Power Cleans
5- 60kg Front Squat
5- 60kg Jerk (Split or Push)

2 thoughts on “3/31”

  1. Calling all CrossFitters! From one fellow CrossFitter to another, I’d like to challenge you to take part in Metro Dash! Metro Dash is coming to Philly next Saturday, April 10. It involves 10 clues, 10 obstacles, and 10K distances. Some of the obstacles include tire flips, box jumps, & sled pulls. Check out the website for the rest of the obstacles. Oh, and cash prizes for the winners. Hope to see you out there!

  2. Metro Dash…hmmm. will check out

    5×1 PUs – 70 wide grip, 85 reg., 100 close chin F,
    100 close chin PR (barely), 90 close chin

    AMRAP 15 min.:
    5 HPCL
    5 FS
    5 Split Jerk (wanted to work on these)
    all w/ 135#

    9 rounds + 5 HPCL +5 FS + 2 SJ

    Wanted 10 Rounds! I only transitioned from front squats
    to split jerks w/out putting the bar down the first 2 rounds.

    How’d everyone else fair?

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