A Little Fun- Weekly Challenge

This is from a friend on the CrossFit Discussion Board.  He posted a weekly challenge and I like the idea. A little competition is always a good thing.  Of course we will scale this as needed.  I am thinking of posting a new challenge workout each week, that you could do on an off day, hit up after a WOD that leaves you with some left in the tank, or on a Sunday.

Here it is then:


For time

2 rounds
7 bear complexes @ 62.5kg/135lbs
15 ring dips (strict)
2 rounds
7 sdhp @ 62.5kg/135lbs
30 double unders

– 1 bear complex = power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press.
– front/back squat & push press can be performed as a thruster.
– barbell can rest anywhere but on the floor, if you drop it there’s a penalty of 20 air squats
– no kipping allowed on the ring dips
– let’s try to keep those elbows high on the sdhp’s !

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