100 Pullups

100 Pushups

100 Situps

100 Squats

For Time

9 thoughts on “Angie”

  1. Looks like fun, or torture. But something I can do from home. Probably do this Saturday morning and will let you know my time.

  2. Hit this Saturday night and PR’d in 18:46

    I did the first hundred pull-ups tabatta style, hitting 10 every 30 sec. up intil 70. Definitely, helped speed up the pull-ups.

    Cassie did this in 27:03 w/ 75 assisted pull-ups and 75 push-ups.

  3. Hey Bill, great job on this one! I forgot what my time was so if you get a chance could you post it or email it to me? How did you do on the weekly challenge? Im sore as heck man lol

  4. Chris,

    I do not have the exact time, but I want to say 21:30 or so. I’m as anal as it comes with my times so sorry I don’t have the exact time for you man.

    I finished the challenge in 12:04 with 20 squats. I dropped the bar rep 6 on second round, kind of lame really, I should have sucked it up.

  5. No prob bill, i know it was at least 2 mins off my last time. Nice job on the challenge, i really liked it! I might have to do that one again.

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