Back Squat, Thrusters, and a Run

CrossFit workout for Monday April 18, 2016:

Back Squat

Back Squat – 3 rep max


40 Thrusters 110/75#

Run 400 meters

On to the 3rm for the back squat. One thing to focus on today, if you haven’t been, is to practice the valsalva maneuver when doing heavy lifting (Anything below 10 reps for our purposes). To do this take a big deep breath, fill your belly with air, before each rep. Hold your breath for the duration of the rep (up and down) then blow out and repeat for the next rep. This will help you brace more effectively, increasing intra-abdominal pressure.

The conditioning WOD today is a beast. It’s one of those “that shouldn’t be too bad” on paper WODs. Those of you have done it before, know better! So this one is a sprint. As usual, choose a weight and movement that allows you to get the intended benefit. On the top end, we want to see you be finished by around 5-8 minutes. Go in, hit it hard, go home!

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