Chest to Bar Chin Ups, Bench Press (one arm), KB Snatch, Goblet Squats, Rows, Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, Single Unders


1a) Strict Chest to Bar Chin Ups, 4×5-8, Rest :60.

1b) Dumbbell Single Arm Bench Press: 4×6-8, Rest :60.


EMOM 20:00 of:

:40 Max Reps of KB Snatch (53,35) (:20 each arm)

:40 Max reps of Goblet Squats (53,35)

:40 Max reps of Barbell Rows (135,95)

:40 Max reps of Sumo Deadlift High Pull (53,35)

:60 Max reps of Single Unders/Bike

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