Christmas and New Year’s Day – Updated

No 6pm Clas tonight, 12pm only.

Closed Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve- 12pm class only. No 6pm class or Beginner.

Closed New Year’s Day

4 thoughts on “Christmas and New Year’s Day – Updated”

  1. Merry Christmas everybody!

    My Dad and I did a Crossfit Total today, not quite under ideal circumstances I’d like to note. I’m borderline sick and had about 6.5 hours of sleep.

    Anyway, PR’s all around so I was happy.

    BS: 360, PR by 29#
    SP: 155, PR by 10# after not getting a 1RM PR since I pressed 145# on 12/30/08. (pathetic, I know)
    DL: 445, PR by 10#

    CFT: 960, PR by over 60#! Gettin’ strong bitches!

    I want to test my DL 1RM again soon because I think I could pull 470# at least if I was fresh…

    See you all soon.

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