Clean and Jerk, Power Clean, Wall Balls


Skill work: Clean and Jerk


5 rounds, for time, of:

10 Power Cleans 135/95#

15 Wall Balls 20/14#


So we’re settling back into the groove this week, and that means Thursday is power day. What is power? Well the formula is force x distance/time. This really breaks down to “fast strength”. The olympic lifts are a great tool for training power. You simply must be fast in order to do them properly and get the intended effect. Today we’ll work on the clean and jerk. We’re not going to max it out, but spend some time hammering form and skill, working up to about an 85% effort. This should allow for some nice weight to move while staying super efficient!

The conditioning today is also power based. We want to pick weights and movements that allow fairly constant effort. Short bursts with limited intervals between work really well for this one! If you hit this right, you’ll need 5 times it took to do it, to recover from it, or more!

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